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Seven Sounds

Darkest Pop Vol.3

Darkest Pop Vol.3

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Seven Sounds presents ‘Darkest Pop vol.3’ with vocals.

Inspired mainly by artists such as Lorde, Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez, and studied in depth to carry out each song and that each one had extremely different and unique vibes, stories and environments.

This pack is perfect for you to be inspired and give an incredible touch to your next track.


Pack Contents:

6 Music Loops

1 Double Vocals Dry

1 Double Vocals Wet

1 Vocoder Vox Dry

1 Vocoder Vox Wet

3 Main Vocals Dry

3 Main Vocals Wet

11 Midi Files

23 Instrumental Loops

26 Atmospheric Vocals

30 Drum Loops

64 Creepy Foley One Shots


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