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Seven Sounds

Foley Toys

Foley Toys

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We present “Foley Toys” by Seven Sounds, it is a pack made with artifacts that produce very peculiar sounds, and unique, with which you can experiment and use in your musical productions, to give it that touch of originality and differentiality.

It also contains One Shots of ASMR vocals, which you can add to your intros, hooks, or wherever you want!  It also contains Drum Foley Loops, Percussive Foley Fx and more.

This pack works very well for many music genres (Lo-Fi, Pop, R&B, and more) and it is without a doubt something you must have in your sound library!


Pack Content:

4 Music Loop

12 Instrumental Loops

14 Asmr One Shot Vocals

20 Drum Foley Loops

20 Foley Ambient

30 Percussive Foley Fx

60 Foley One Shot

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