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Seven Sounds

Subliminal Pop Verses vol.2

Subliminal Pop Verses vol.2

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We present ‘Subliminal Pop Verses vol.2’ by Seven Sounds, as in its first volume, this volume 2 also brings incredible sounds

It combines very well Dark Pop, Pop/Rock, with excellent vocals that perfectly complement each song in a unique way, (chill, sexy, and dark) and a musical production that will fill you with good ideas so you can start creating your next track.

Undoubtedly a very complete pack for your library. This pack is inspired by Charlie XCX, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Lana del Rey and many others.


Pack Contents:

1 Add Libs Vocals Dry

1 Double Vocals Dry

4 Acapella Vocals Dry

4 Acapella Vocals Wet

4 Pitch Vocals Dry

11 Music Loops

17 Midi

32 Instrumental Loops

38 Drum Loops

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