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Seven Sounds

The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night

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We present our new edition of Dark Pop by Seven Sounds "The Darkest Night" that contains incredible vocal melodies, lyrics and dark energy, as well as a powerful musical production with granular synthesis, to take your imagination to another dimension, with granular delays, amazing clippers and distortion. Inspired by Melanie Martinez, Kim Petras, Arca, Billie Eilish, Isabel LaRosa. Content 100% royalty-free.


02 Double vocals
04 Acapella vocals Dry

04 Acapella Vocals Wet

04 Pitch Vocals Wet/Dry

06 SFX
30 Drum Creepy Loops

30 One Shots
35 Drum Loops
35 Instrumental Loops

40 One Shots Foley

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